Babies available for Valentines Day.


1 Silver (blue) male.  Price 850. 6lb full grown


1 black female 4-5 lb full grown.  Price 850.


1 black female.  5-6 lb full grown. Price 850


A baby can be reserved with a 50 percent deposit.

The Pomeranian is lively and eager to learn and gets along well with other household pets if given proper introduction. They make wonderful companions for families with older, well-behaved children and the elderly.  
The Pomeranian is a compact, active toy breed. They are intelligent, extremely loyal to their family, and loving. They are eager to please, gentle, and affectionate. They also exhibit an inquisitive expression and curiosity.  A confident, commanding, and outgoing breed. They make excellent guard dogs and will sound a bark when they sense danger.
IIn addition to grooming,  it is important for Pomeranians to receive excellent dental care. They are prone to tooth loss; so regular cleaning is a must. Dry food is recommended to aid in keeping teeth and gums healthy.  
The Pomeranians long double coat requires brushing at least once weekly. It is important to lift and part the top coat and brush the cottony undercoat as well. This will reduce shedding.
Pomeranians respond best to firm commands and are quick to learn. They are easily trained in obedience. Teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and stay is vital to the training of your new puppy. 
The Pomeranian requires short walks and play time with other pets and family. They have the capability to learn tricks if done with patience and time. They may become bored if they are not given enough to do. They are excellent for apartment living and homes with small yards. Socialization is one of the single most important things you can do for your puppy.



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