Brown, Black and White Male.

This adorable little boy will go home with current puppy vaccinations, deworming, health checked and started on potty training.  He will be ready to join his new family after April 26th and can be reserved with a fifty percent, non-refundable deposit until that time.  Price 1200



Country of Origin: United States - The Shiranian is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Pomeranian.

Size: The Height is between 7-12 inches and Weight is between 6-9 pounds typically

Coat: Has a thick double coat that will grow very long. Will go thru stages from puppyhood to adulthood. It is mostly straight, but can have a slight curl in some dogs. Coat variations include solid and parti colors in black, red, orange, chocolate, sable, gold, brindle, and various colors of merle.

Character: The Shiranian breed is intelligent, lovable, very affectionate and loyal, sociable, outgoing, cheerful, eager to learn, and energetic.

Temperament: This breed gets along well with other dogs and enjoys children.

Care: The coat should be brushed regularily. Bathe as needed.

Training: This breed is quite intelligent, which usually makes training easy.



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